Translation Services

With our clients, there is no such thing as “Lost in translation”

Translation is the conversion of the written language from one language, the source language, to another language which we call the target language. Translation services are usually charged based on a per-word rate and the total number of words in the document.

A-List Communication offers document translation of all kinds but we specialize in legal and business translation. Please use this link to upload documents (up to 100 mb) and send us an email request.

If you need certification and/or notarization for your document, please see details here:

Translation that needs certification and/or notarization


You may have documents that need certification/notarization. Examples of these documents are: certified translations of official and immigration documents such as birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, diplomas, letters of recommendation, academic records, court rulings, contracts and agreements. We are currently offering this type of translation in Chinese, Spanish, French and Japanese and German. We can provide a notarized certification to accompany the translation. There is a minimum fee for this type of translation, and your payment has to be received by us first before we commence any project. We accept credit card payments with a 3% service fee.

For A-List Communication to handle this type of request, please follow these steps:

  1. Please first email a scanned copy of your documents. In the body of your email, please include your name and any special instructions such as preferred deadline. We need your mailing address because the original copies of the notarization and translator’s declaration have to be mailed to you.
  2. We will respond to you with a quote and proposed turnaround time.
  3. Once the translation is completed, we provide a Translator’s Declaration to certify that our translation is accurate.
  4. Payment is in advance, by credit card. For your protection, we will be providing you an authorization form for a one-time credit card transaction before we charge your credit card.
  5. We will be returning your translation first via email in PDF. Then you will receive the translator’s declaration and notarization (if ordered) via regular postal mail.