A-List’s Amanda Peeters Hosts Fraud Prevention TV Show

Amanda Peeters, the founder and manager of A-List Communication, hosted a Fraud Prevention TV Program for AARP in Cantonese during Chinese Spring Festival in 2020. The show aired in seven major cities in the U.S.

Studies show that 75% of the Asian American and Pacific Islander elders and their family members have been targets of fraud, out of which, 39% have been victims. Today in the U.S., 10,000 Americans turn 65 each day. Fraud prevention becomes a critical topic for our elders.

In this project, Peeters drafted the script, translated the script into English, transcribed the video into Chinese for closed captioning and worked closely with the producer to host and finalize the show. This show focused on two popular fraud schemes: blessing and telephone scams.

In the show, Peeters interviewed Jason Collom, a Senior Inspector from the SF District Attorney’s Office and a Deputy U.S. Marshal seconded to the FBI. Peeters and Collom worked together previously on one of the first successfully prosecuted blessing scam trials worldwide which started fraud prevention on this type of scams on a victorious path.

Other Resources

Please check out the official site of the Hong Kong Police. https://www.police.gov.hk/ppp_en/04_crime_matters/adcc/alerts.html

Their videos are in the ADCC homepage so you can scroll to see what fits your situation.  Some videos are in English and some are in Cantonese.

You may do a YouTube search for “Crime Watch” program from the Singapore and Hong Kong Police Force.  These are taped weekly and have the most up to date details on scams.  The information is in English/Cantonese/Mandarin.

You may also find these Podcast stories on scam helpful:


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