Why Others Recommend Us | Client Testimonials

I wanted to recommend the interpretation firm we used as we truly received excellent, timely, responsive, and above all pleasant service. Amanda Peeters worked with me and made the whole process extremely easy – especially compared to the much larger firm we worked with.

Frankly, we had planned to go with another firm because of their certification that they had a huge pool of qualified interpreters. When we started testing interpreters, we found that they simply could not deliver guaranteed quality.

Additionally, Amanda made every effort to ensure that all logistics were clear and to obtain materials that would be helpful to the interpreter. The interpreter they provided was punctual, flexible, and excellent.

Having worked with translation firms for many years now, I can say that my experience with A-List Communication was one of the best I have ever had.

Melanie C. Peyser
Director, Strategy & Innovation
Tetra Tech DPK

A-List Communication truly exceeded our expectations with the Spanish interpretation services provided at one of our events. In the technology industry, we are often plagued with receiving interpreters who don’t prepare and thus, can’t appropriately communicate our message to delegates. A-List Communication’s team not only came prepared, but was able to build a phenomenal rapport with our constituents. Thank you again to A-List Communication for all of your help!

Kristen Sylva
Strategic Marketing Programs Manager
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

AC Transit went through A-List Communication for a presentation that required a voice-over along with a live interpreter during the time of the presentation. Working with A-List was a great experience and we were very pleased with the voice over, the professionalism and their expertise in the English to Spanish translation. We plan on using them again for future presentations, we value their customer service, eagerness in making sure the client is satisfied and their profound quality of work. We recommend A-List Communication and are looking forward to working with them in the near future.

Maryam Paracha
Project Manager
AC Transit

In thirty years of legal practice representing Chinese speaking clients in family law actions, criminal defense and/or civil litigation before the California State and/or Federal Courts, this is the first testimonial that I have been inspired to write commending a language interpretation and translation agency for the services provided to my legal practice; which in your case I have found to be superior to any other agency that my firm has used to date. Please accept my highest complements for the excellence of the interpretation and translation work your company has provided my legal practice during the past two years.

I have utilized the interpretation services of your company numerous times, both in contested hearings before the court and in depositions concerning complex and difficult cases, often involving the transliteration of unusual technical terms and atypical idioms that have required extraordinary expertise of the interpreter to provide an accurate, complete and rapid interpretation during the examination of Chinese speaking witnesses for the court record. The Chinese (dialects: Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese) language interpretations that you have provided my office to date, whether in instantaneous style (interpretation as the witness speaks) or in sequential format (English to Chinese; Chinese to English) have consistently been delivered without error, regardless of the many hours of continuous work that have often been required of you. The accuracy and fluency of your interpretations have never been questioned by my clients or my client’s witnesses, nor have I ever received anything but complements from opposition witnesses or counsel regarding your services.

The assistance that your company has provided in translating written documentation for my practice has been equally superb. To your company’s claim that nothing is ever “lost in translation” I would add that your translation of documentation written in Chinese has consistently been “letter perfect”. Whether rendered as “sight” translation during ongoing oral legal proceedings or written translation attested as accurate and attached to exhibits, I can have absolute confidence that the transcription will be a literal and perfect expression of the true and original intent of the writer.

Most important, your charming personality, your exact punctuality and the consummate professionalism you display in your labors greatly contributes to the high confidence my clients place in me as their legal representative in having secured the services of such an expert translator on their behalf. An attorney’s reputation is often reflected in the quality of the various support services that he utilizes in his practice as perceived by the client. Your firm has consistently enhanced the image of my legal practice before my clients in that regard.

Finally, I am very comfortable with the efficiency and understanding exhibited in the business practices of your company. You have been very accommodating and sensitive to the special needs of my clients, who have often been under considerable stress during the legal process, and in the scheduling needs of my practice. Your email billing system with a thirty-day payment window has been most convenient for my clients and I have found your fee schedule to be very competitive for this industry in the San Francisco Bay area.

It is with every confidence and delight that I submit this testimonial to your firm in thanks for the services that you have rendered my practice to date. Without hesitation or reservation, I recommend your interpretation and translation services to any in need of the “perfect” translation

Douglas A. Unsworth, J.D.
Attorney at Law

I am a litigation attorney in the Bay Area who has been speaking and reading Chinese, Mandarin for over 20 years.  I learned Chinese for the Army at Defense Language Institute, where I graduated at the top of my class.  Because of my background, I frequently work with Chinese Mandarin interpreters, as the participants of many cases with which I am involved often only speak Mandarin.  Prior to law school, I also worked as a professional translator myself.  During that time, I worked on several high profile and difficult projects, for which I was placed in charge of quality control over other individuals’ (even native Chinese speakers’) translations.

In short, I have very high standards.  Where litigation outcomes can often turn on the correct translation of another person’s testimony it is especially essential that an interpreter’s translations are highly accurate.

I say all of this to make one simple point.  Hands down, Amanda Peeters is one of the best interpreters with whom I have ever worked.  Her command of both Chinese Mandarin and English is extremely impressive.  Most importantly, she understands both cultures so well that she can act as a bridge to convey the spirit of an individual’s words (whether going from Chinese to English or English to Chinese) in a way that allows listeners to understand the original meaning of the translated language according to the listeners’ own cultural framework.  In other words, very little meaning is “lost in translation.”  Due to the widely varying perspectives from which people of different cultures often view the world, such skill is much more important than blind, direct translations.

Amanda also has the impressive ability to convey the emotion and tone of a speaker in a way that I’ve seldom heard before.  Equally impressive is her ability to concentrate intensely for very long periods of time without losing integrity in her translations.

Bottom line: Amanda Peeters is a rare gem of translation talent found in a desert of sand.  She has my utmost respect!  If you need a top-notch Mandarin translator, hire her!

Timothy A. Griswold
Attorney at Law

Amanda was hired in 2015 to interpret for a surviving victim in a horrific case involving multiple murders, attempted murders, assaults with firearms and possession of an assault weapon.   One of the victims was severely injured and traumatized and required very careful, compassionate handling.  Amanda was able to establish a relationship with the victim and helped him communicate the events to the Grand Jury and we secured an Indictment.   At trial, in 2017, Amanda re-established her relationship with the victim and, with her help, he was able to tell his truth to the jury and to withstand cross examination.  Thanks in large part to Amanda’s efforts and her willingness to provide invaluable assistance to the victim through the long and difficult court process, justice was served.

Diane Knoles
San Francisco District Attorney’s Office

I have been speaking and reading Chinese for over 30 years, so I am particularly sensitive about receiving clear, accurate Chinese-English translations.  I am a civil litigation lawyer in the Bay Area.  Most of my clients are Chinese immigrants.  For the past 10 years, Amanda has been my go-to interpreter for both litigation matters as well as legal translations.  Amanda’s proficiency in both Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese is first rate.   Unlike some interpreters in the litigation field, Amanda does not give loose or rough translations. She interprets a witness’ testimony precisely and literally.  Amanda is highly professional in both her demeanor and reliability.   Cases involving Chinese speaking witnesses are inherently challenging.  A strong interpreter like Amanda can make a huge difference in establishing the credibility (or lack of credibility) of a witness.  If you have a case that involves key testimony from a Chinese-speaking witness, I highly recommend utilizing Amanda’s services.

Mark J. Bluer, Esq.

I engaged A-List Communication for help with a cross-cultural and cross-language Chinese corporate branding project and the service was great. This is not something that is easy to find experts on. Their recommendations were well thought-out and I would definitely recommend them for help in this area.

Gregory Kennedy
Senior Director, Corporate Marketing

I’ve never needed a translator before, but a newsletter my client needed in Spanish (converted from English) for a trade show was my first experience with A-List Communication. And what a great experience! With only one and a half day turnaround time, Amanda found a translator as well as a graphic designer to duplicate the formatted newsletter that I had originally done in English. Even with last minute additions from my client, the job was done thoroughly, professionally and on time (actually EARLY), despite a west coast-east coast time difference. Kudos to Amanda and her team…

Linda Howard
Graphic Designer
Howard & Howard

My first experience with Amanda Peeters of A-List Communication was extraordinary.  A 30 year veteran private investigator, I had a nervous and reluctant Mandarin speaking witness.  With one phone call to A-List, Amanda facilitated the interview, assisted in the preparation of a declaration, and attended the signing.  Ms. Peeters navigated the cultural terrain with aplomb, charmed the family and the witness, and put everyone at ease, all while remaining focused on the task at hand and keeping the stress level at a minimum.   Her demeanor and presence were perfect.  I would not dream of using anyone else in the future.

Scott Ebke
Private Legal Investigator

I handed A-List Communication a complicated translation job involving three languages (Japanese, Spanish and English) in which their task was to pick up from where a third party translator left off with an initial translation. The quality of the company’s work to some degree, therefore, depended upon the prior work of another. To ensure the quality of the final product, the A-List Communication representative assessed and generously provided guidance to establish the highest quality of the documents they were handed from the third party.  A-List Communication handled the project very professionally, thoroughly and patiently with explanations towards the highest degree of translation, certification and notarization, as I was unfamiliar with these procedures. In their dedication guiding me and pursuing this goal, A-List Communication representative was also friendly, approachable, and timely.

Sayaka Araki
GIS Analyst, Watershed Scientist

We hired Amanda Peeters to serve as an interpreter on one of our highly sensitive and demanding cases.  She was excellent and made the client and other lawyers we were working with feel very comfortable and confident that our communications were being translated correctly.  Amanda did an outstanding job translating very technical terms and complicated issues.  She is also a wonderful person and very easy to work with – she was extremely flexible and made it a priority to provide top-notch service to us and our client.  I would not hesitate to recommend her and look forward to the opportunity to work with Amanda again.

Jennifer Fisher
Attorney at Law
Duane Morris LLP

As the owner of a busy law firm, selecting the best vendors is important. Amanda of A-List Communication provided interpreting services for a deposition many years ago while I was at another firm, and I was so impressed that they were the first (and only) interpreting services that I contacted after I founded my own firm and needed interpreting services. Amanda is incredibly responsive, efficient, generous with her time, patient in answering questions and always professional. Amanda is always able to find excellent interpreters for whatever language I need, even accommodating last-minute requests. She is forthright about her interpreters’ qualifications and services, e.g., certified versus non-certified, whether they charge a minimum, etc., and the interpreters are consistently professional and well-qualified. And Amanda’s warm personality and graciousness make her a pleasure to work with. She herself served as an interpreter for a deposition once (in my second language) and I was thoroughly impressed with her skills.

I have been contacted over the years by other interpreting services but have never been tempted to look elsewhere. I am confident I have the best with Amanda and A-List Communication, so why change? I always recommend them to others in my network and do so without reservation. There is no need to look elsewhere!

Rowena C. Seto, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Medina Seto Law Group

I have worked with Ms. Peeters several times over the last four years and unequivocally recommend her services.  She has a unique international background and impressive credentials, yet is extremely personable and caring.  In all instances she has gone above and beyond to assist me in my criminal law practice.  For example, she rearranged her weekend schedule to visit a client of mine in custody with whom I could not communicate due to the language barrier.  Her assistance has been invaluable in translating complex legal documents to clients with little formal education, and she seems to intuitively grasp the points of contention.  Ms. Peeters has a great sense of humor and an obvious passion for her work.

Sara Zalkin
Attorney at Law
Pier 5 Law

I have been very pleased with the quality of translation service I have received with A List Communication. The translators are professional, efficient, and accurate. I am impressed with the ability to communicate highly technical and specialized terms between Korean and English speaking parties. Also, the interpreters have been available at a moment’s notices. I look forward to using your translation services in the future.

Stewart Witter
Product Manager
Thermal Technology, LLC

Excellent services! Quick to respond, flexible, and efficient. Our law office used their services for translating case sensitive information in Thai. We also used their interpretation services for in-person/virtual meetings. I would highly recommend A-List Communication for your interpretation/translation needs!

Justine Joya
Attorney at Law
Frudden & Padilla Family Law 

I’ve worked with A-List Communication on a number of occasions and she consistently provides professional, high quality translation services. All at A-List Communication are a pleasure to work with.

Selby Lighthill
Attorney at Law
Law Office of Selby Lighthill

A-List Communication is undoubtedly one of my favorite clients ever, and I say this as an ATA certified translator with 30 years experience in the industry.  Amanda Peeters is kind, helpful, meticulous, professional, supportive, thoughtful, and A-List always pays before invoices are due.  A-List Communication does NOT attempt to take advantage of linguists by paying them rock bottom prices to inflate profits; the rates are very fair and competitive.  I only wish that all my clients displayed the same sort of professionalism and rigorous business ethics that A-List Communication does.  Working with Amanda is always a delight, and I can always depend on her to send me challenging, interesting content that makes me feel as if my labor is making the world a better place.

James Davis, Ph.D. 
ATA Certified Translator

Amanda at A-List Communication is a delight to work with because of her professional manners and attitudes. I have worked for A-List Communication as an interpreter and translator on various types of cases including a two-year legal assignment. Amanda has excellent communication and conflict resolution skills. She listens attentively to an interpreter’s questions and concerns, explains issues with clarity and conciseness, and resolves problems in a way that’s fair to the interpreter and client. Finally, we can have peace of mind as A-List Communication always makes scheduled payments with promptness.

Eri Minoura
California Court Certified Interpreter/Translator
Language: Japanese

I contacted A-List Communication from a contract they posted on the NCTA list and worked on a translation project with them. It was a great experience from beginning to end, very professional. They made 100% sure the client has approved and guaranteed payment before they asked me to start the work. They answered all my questions quickly and well. They were very pleasant to work with and they paid my invoice earlier than anticipated. They have my highest recommendation.

Farinaz Agharabi
Translator (Member of NCTA and ATA)
Languages: French, English, Farsi

It has been a great pleasure representing your agency at a deposition for one of your clients. You have been very professional not only in your dealings with your clients but also with your independent contractors. Your friendly and timely reminders for assignment details are greatly appreciated.  Furthermore, as an independent contractor, I find your agency very prompt in payment.

Ronnie Leong
California Court Registered Interpreter
Language: Burmese

My experience with A-List Communication has always been pleasant. From my experience, their approach has always been professional and respectful. Their rate negotiation is fair. They would always ask if there are any expenses, such as mileage, toll and parking to be included. And filially they would pay on time after they receive end time report or invoice. There is nothing more important to an interpreter than being approached with due respect and get compensated in time, without having to spend time for additional correspondence.

Haile Beyene
California Court Registered Interpreter/Translator
Language: Amharic

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